Tips for Using Pinterest to Organize Decorating Projects

On Style Illuminated this week, I’ve shared my favorite tips for using Pinterest to organize decorating projects. If you love Pinterest but you’re not a decorista, these ideas are just as helpful if you’re organizing content for blog posts, planning a party, or just keeping track of some of your favorite things around the web. Check out the post here. xo
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10 Best Free Fonts!

[Typewriter photograph by J2Studios; rainbow background textures by Lost + Taken]
If you are a lover of Comic Sans, this post probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for some rad free fonts for your blog design or graphic projects, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best free fonts that I use and love. Most are available at (and if you haven’t heard of dafont before, well…you’re welcome!). Click each graphic to download the font.
Artistamp Medium

Artistamp Medium: This is a fun font to use in digital collage projects, since it really lends the look of rubber alphabet stamps.

Error: Simple and graphic. I think this font would be great on the business card of a graphic designer.
FFF Tusj: The loose and sketchy look of this font is so fun!
Honey Script: This is a sweet script that’s a little cleaner than handwriting, with a bit of a retro flair.
Impact Label: I love labelmakers. I also love labelamaker fonts. BOOM.
Le Bain au Milieu de la Fin de Apres-Midi Vers 17:49: Fun fact – loosely translated, the name of the font is “The bath in the middle of the end of the afternoon around 5:49pm“. I don’t get it. But I like it.
LesleyFont: This is one of my fave fonts because, well, it’s my own handwriting! (Seriously, how fun is that?) You can download it here.
Never Let Go: You may have noticed this lovely cursive in a lot of my blog graphics. I love its handwritten look and readability.
Pupcat: When uppercase and lowercase letters are the same height, I’m abnormally happy.
Rough Typewriter: Typewritten fonts aren’t going anywhere – and this one has just enough character and imperfections to make it interesting.


Creative peeps and font enthusiasts – what’s your favorite font? (Or just for fun – what’s your least favorite?) Do you have any fantastic resources to share in the comments?

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Interior Inspiration from Fashion

[Images by Lesley Myrick for Style Illuminated; fashion image from Atlantic-Pacific]
In case you missed it last week, I put together a fun ‘lil post on Style Illuminated where I designed a bedroom based on a springtime outfit. (I’m no fashionista, but I sure have a soft spot for style – as evidenced by my always-evolving Style Inspiration board on Pinterest.) You can check out my sweet interior design skills here.

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Beautiful Messes

Description of PhotoDescription of Photo

I’ve been hung up on this idea for a while that I need a studio. Not just want, but need. I mean, how else can you create art? It’s soooo much work to take my boxes of art supplies out of the closet and set everything up and then clean up; and when I work I awkwardly take up the entire living room floor; and it’s so messy to work with paint and spray adhesive and gel medium in my tiny, white-carpeted, one-bedroom apartment.
Writing that makes me sound like a huge whiner. Which I’ve realized, I am.

I don’t need the perfect time, or the perfect space, or the perfect supplies to create. I just need to do it. So…I’m doing it! Above are the beginnings of a few beautiful messes.

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Doing My Own Thing

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing.
[Image via Inspiring Words on Pinterest; original source unknown]

Good morning! Thanks for your patience and understanding during my little blogging break. Here’s where my heart is at after taking time to breathe and think…

I have followed all sorts of tips and tricks to “build a better blog”. I’ve read every article, followed every how-to that’s out there, and taken e-courses and workshops. But here’s the thing – I’ve gotten so caught up in trying to be a successful blogger that I’m not actually creating anything myself! My own art and creative adventures have come second to simply sourcing content to share here – and the kicker is that top of that, this sweet ‘lil blog isn’t all that successful anyway. This whole process of trying to “create a successful blog for my audience” has been incredibly frustrating – and it’s not working, because it’s not true to me. I feel that blogging should be an outpouring of my ideas, inspiration, and creativity…and right now, it’s taking all of my ideas, inspiration, and creativity just to keep up with what I “should” be doing as a successful blogger. And dude, it’s totally draining.


There’s a fear mentality that is communicated to bloggers: You really must post 5 days a week or you don’t exist online! You really must leave a bazillion comments on other blogs to be part of the blogging community! You really must create content carefully targeted to your audience! You really must guest post to get noticed! You really must do x, y, and z to be a success! My response to the “you really must” attitude communicated to bloggers is this, as written by the fabulous Tina Fey in her book, Bossypants: “When people say, ‘You really, really must do something’, it means you don’t really have to. No one ever says, ‘You really, really must deliver the baby during labour’. When it’s true, it doesn’t need to be said.”


Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. And what I’ve realized over the last two weeks is this: I don’t want to build a successful blog. I want to build a successful career as an artist – an artist who just happens to have a really great blog too. 
Recently I watched an awesome video by my one of my sassy business mentors, Marie Forleo, on differentiating between fear and intuition. I’ve been wrestling with what I “really must” be doing with my blog, and what I feel in my heart. I don’t often share videos here, but Marie rocks pretty hard and I genuinely feel that this is awesomely valuable information:



Did you watch the video? Keeping on my current blogging path definitely left me feeling contracted. And despite the fact that my new plan for this blog doesn’t involve any of the things that bloggers “really must” do, just the thought of making changes leaves me feeling so expansive and free that I have no doubt that this is what my heart and intuition is telling me.


So what’s the new plan?
+ To post when inspired. To share what is genuinely inspiring me. To share what makes my heart flutter and my creative juices flow.
+ To post when creating. To make more time for art in my life. (This. Is. Huge!) To share the creative process.
+ To post when educating. To share experiences as a freelancer and as an artist. To share the ups and downs.
Short, sweet, simple, and rings true to me. I don’t think that there’s anything better than that. And even though I’ll no longer be doing what I “really must” on my blog (*gasp!*), hopefully you’ll stick around for the journey with me. xo
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Free ‘Just Love’ iPhone Wallpaper!

Good morning! How about a free iPhone wallpaper to brighten up your Monday? “Just Love” is one of my original collages, available as an art print and in a set of blank greeting cards at my Etsy Shop. And now it’s a free wallpaper download to bring some love to your smartphone! This wallpaper was originally offered on Kind Over Matter’s 26 Free + Inspirational iPhone Wallpapers From 26 Awesome Etsy Artists.
Description of Photo
 [Click the wallpaper image to view full-size and download.]


Like this? Please click the links below to share the free downloadin’ love on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and (my personal favorite!) Pinterest.
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Collage Artist Mae Chevrette on Using Quotes in Artwork

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette
Artists can’t help but be inspired by the world and words they see around them – but what is the difference between being inspired, and blatantly using someone else’s ideas as your own? As an artist whose work is based on the inspiring words and quotes of others (you can see some of my collage art with quotes here), I’ve been curious about the ethics of using someone else’s ideas and words in my creative work. I asked mixed media maven Mae Chevrette for her thoughts on the ethics of using quotes from others in her artwork:
” Ethically, I believe it to be sound as long as the new work is not taking away from the original work in any way and not harming the creative originality, ideas or profit of the original creator. One part of this which is very, very important is giving credit where it is due – to me, the creative credit is just as important as any monetary credit would ever be, so I make sure to always credit the creator and in some cases gain permission if at all possible (as with a new piece I’m working on which quotes a pro surfer – awesome dude who I was even more inspired by after getting a hold of him!). I have seen takes on my work and words that made me very appreciative and humble, and also blatant copies that made me very upset. Additionally, it is obvious when a work is made as an homage to an original work, and obvious when it is made as a cheap copy or desperate attempt at originality. I think in their hearts most people can look at a work and know which is which, and that makes a huge difference in whether it is acceptable or not.”

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette
[Photo and artwork by Mae Chevrette]


What are your thoughts on using quotes or ideas from others in artwork? Have you ever struggled with defining the line between inspiration and imitation? I’ve love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic on Twitter. Let’s chat!
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