DIY Dalmatian Print Wall

Lesley Myrick Interior Design is closed for vacation this week, so I’ve decided to share one of our most popular blog posts from the archives. This DIY dalmatian print wall, created in 2015, has been featured on, Brit + Co., and more. Enjoy, and we’ll be back next week! Okay seriously, how much do…

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Before and After: A Family-Friendly Living Room with a Teal Sofa

Before and After: A Family-Friendly Living Room with a Teal Sofa by atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick

Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after? Get ready, because all month long I’m sharing a tour of our Texas home, including the living room, master bedroom, kids bedroom, my office, my husband’s office, and the kitchen. First up: our family-friendly living room with a teal sofa. Disclosure: Some of the products in this before-and-after were…

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Our Atlanta Interior Design Office: After

Check out this before-and-after of an Atlanta interior designer's office! LOVE the teal ceiling.

I’m so excited to share the big reveal of our Atlanta interior design office! Let me tell you, I looooove working in this space. It’s not a huge room, but I’ve maximized it with plenty of storage and space to spread out and work. Here’s what the office space looked like before. When the home…

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Our Atlanta Interior Design Office: Before

Our Atlanta Interior Design Office: Before! Take a tour of interior designer Lesley Myrick's new office space and see how she's transforming a boxing grey box into a kickass home office.

While moving across the country brings plenty of logistical challenges (including moving a business, two young kids, and one brand new kitten!) it also brings A NEW ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGN OFFICE for Lesley Myrick Art + Design. Cue alllll the angels singing. You probably remember our office in Waco, Texas. It was a great space…

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DIY Bookshelf Built-In

organized book case in home office

Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy is a devastatingly handsome rockstar academic with, like, a million books. Girl is a clever designer who creates a DIY bookshelf built-in spanning an entire 14′ wall to house her handsome hubby’s ever-growing library. Boy and girl live happily ever after with their plethora of color-coded bookshelves. It’s…

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My Home Office Makeover – After

home office with great tech.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta wait for the perfect piece to complete a space. For my home office that I share with my PhD student husband, that piece was a mounted deer head. His name is Hector, he sits above my husband’s desk, and this room is definitely more interesting with a stoic deer face greeting me every…

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My Home Office Makeover – Before

The living room is done, the foyer is done – and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t gotten tired of those spotted walls – and it’s time to tackle the home office. I share this space with my PhD student husband Nate, so the design had to include some feminity and quirk (for me), some…

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An Eclectic Foyer Design

As a designer, owning a house is THE FUNNEST. I get to decorate my own space without fear of repercussions from a landlord! Or even worse, fear of the work required to paint everything back to beige before moving out (ugh.) Since moving to Waco, Texas in July we’ve wrapped up the living room makeover; the office is…

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My Eclectic Living Room Makeover – After

Drumroll please…my eclectic living room makeover is complete! Remember what this room looked like before? (Hint: PEACH.) Yeahhhhh. We’ve come a long way, baby. I’m psyched to show you around! To kick off my new YouTube channel, here’s a little video tour of the space:  (Can’t see the embedded video? Click here.) And some more…

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My Texas Living Room Makeover – Before

We’re making major decorating progress on our new home, and it’s time to share my Texas living room makeover – or at least, the “before” photos. FYI – “before” photos are totally code for “set your expectations low, people”. So yeah. Do that. Since I haven’t shared the backstory of how we bought this home, I’ll give you…

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