What is a Design Jumpstart? Here's how Lesley Myrick helps homeowners bust out of boring in just two hours.

What is a Design Jumpstart?

You hear me talking about these two-hour power design sessions all the time.

But, like,

what exactly happens at a Design Jumpstart?

Think of it like this. You have two hours ahead of you. You could…

….binge-watch your favorite show for the zillionth time (mine is Sex and the City, by the way) and drool over the fantastic, way-too-expensive apartments.

…browse Pinterest and create a “Dream Home” board with all the interiors that you’d love to have one day. One day.

…have coffee at a friend’s house and end up feeling totally jealous of her effortlessly cool and stylish space.


…instead of wishing you lived somewhere else, you could do a Design Jumpstart session with me to take action and kickstart the transformation of your home in just two hours.

What is a Design Jumpstart? Here's how Lesley Myrick helps homeowners bust out of boring in just two hours (including suggested floor plan sketches).

Kind of a no-brainer, right?

At Lesley Myrick Art + Design, we kickstart many design projects with a two-hour power session (done either in-person or virtually) called a Design Jumpstart where we walk you through our 3-step Design Jumpstart system.

Jam-packed with personalized design ideas, inspiration, and tactical resources, a Design Jumpstart sets a solid foundation to bust you out of your boring home.

The 3-Step Design Jumpstart System

What is a Design Jumpstart? Here's how Lesley Myrick helps homeowners bust out of boring in just two hours with the 3-Step Design Jumpstart System.

Our 3-step Design Jumpstart system will make the most of our time together and leave you with an actionable to-do list that includes all the items we’re suggesting you purchase or improve; design and style ideas; as well as contractor and vendor resources (if available). We’ll use this master checklist as the foundation to launch your design project – or if DIY is more your speed, it’s all yours as a guide for navigating design changes on your own. In just 2 hours, you’ll go from stuck and overwhelmed to a freakin’ Interior Design Superhero, ready to bust out of a boring home.

Live in the Atlanta or Macon, Georgia area? We’ll meet in-person at your home. Live elsewhere in the US or Canada? We’ll get together virtually using video conferencing on your phone or computer (and don’t let the tech freak you out, we’ll walk you through getting set up for our session!).

What is a Design Jumpstart? Here's how Lesley Myrick helps homeowners bust out of boring in just two hours (including a detailed to-do list of items to purchase and improvements to make).

Not sure if a Design Jumpstart session is right for you? Book a complimentary call where we can learn more about what you’re looking for and recommend the most kickass design package for you.

One BIG mistake I've seen clients make during an interior design project from Atlanta designer Lesley Myrick

In the 4 years I’ve been in business with Lesley Myrick Art + Design,

I’ve worked with over 90 clients on everything from 2-hour Design Jumpstart sessions to full turnkey home renovations.

Most of our design projects turn out awesome, and my clients are thrilled with their new home (and gratefully, they say so publicly!) But occasionally, things don’t go quite as planned. The end result is less than stellar. And the client isn’t over the moon – they’re straight-up bummed out.

So what’s the difference between a successful interior design project, and one where the end result is a let-down?

I’ve learned a lot with 90+ design projects under my belt,

and I’m always seeking out opportunities to tweak and improve our process, our communication, and our design packages. There have certainly been moments where I’ve dropped the ball, and let me tell you – no one takes those to heart and learns from those mistakes faster than I do.

But, I’ve also noticed something clients sometimes do that can completely de-rail a design project. It’s a mistake that seems harmless – a good idea, even – but the end result is a major disappointment.

So what’s the one BIG mistake I’ve seen clients make?

Stopping short before their project is fully finished.

Interior design is an investment. And it’s a process. And the middle part is MESSY! You’ve spent a lot of money on design fees and furnishings, without much to show for it (yet). Your home might be completely torn up in the renovation process. And every day a new, unexpected expense seems to pop up.

And instead of gritting their teeth (or asking for support) through the messy middle to get to the uhhh-mazing results on the other side, I’ve seen clients stop short. Grind things to a halt right before the magic happens. Freeze up, and freeze the project at the worst possible time.

If you are in the middle of an interior design project, or are thinking about starting one, I want to encourage you: trust your designer to see the project through to completion.

Check out this (smart!) tip from Atlanta designer Lesley Myrick: One BIG mistake I've seen clients make during an interior design project

There is no way you’re going to be happy with your home if you stop a project halfway.

So much of the magic of interior design happens at the end, when every pillow is fluffed and shelf is styled and you can walk into your newly transformed space and breathe.

I understand the fear that happens in the middle of a project, where it feels like things will never end and your wallet is taking a major hit. But stopping short means your investment will be for nothing, and a piecemeal home is hardly a place that will feel beautifully, authentically, you.

The middle is hard.

It drags on. It’s overwhelming. But that’s exactly why you’ve hired an interior designer! This is what we do best – manage the messy middle so you don’t have to. You guys, we LOVE this stuff. We live and breathe it. And we’ve developed systems and strategies to handle it.

Instead of hitting the brakes while your project is humming along at a million miles per hour, reach out to your designer for help. Talk about the process, the timeline, the budget, and the results. A simple conversation that keeps your project on track may be the one thing that makes the difference between a designer that lets you down – and one that totally rocks your world.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Working with an Interior Designer! Take a look at what really goes into a design project.

Unless you’ve previously worked with an interior designer, you might not have any idea what the process looks like. So, here’s the complete beginner’s guide to working with an interior designer.

I totally understand when people are hesitant to invest in a design pro – after all, there’s so much work that goes on behind the scenes that it’s easy to be unsure of where your money is going. What does an interior designer do, anyway? How long does it take? And what does the process look like along the way?

Here’s what the 10-step process with Lesley Myrick Art + Design looks like from start to finish for a full-service project (we call this our “Design Comprehensive” package). Of course, each client and project is different and we’ve got different design packages for different needs and budgets; but this is generally what to expect.

Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick shares the (totally free!) Complete Beginner's Guide to Working with an Interior Designer. Take a look at what really goes into a design project.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Working with An Interior Designer

Step 0: Complimentary Phone Consultation

This is the pre-game: we want to get to know you and your project! This free 20-minute call with yours truly is a chance for you to make sure that Lesley Myrick Art + Design is an awesome fit for you. We’ll ask you to share a little about your project with us, we’ll recommend the best design package for you, and you’ll be able to get all of your questions answered. Working together should totally jive and feel great – the complimentary phone consultation is like our “first date”.

Step 1a: Design Jumpstart session

A 2-hour design consultation called a Design Jumpstart will kick off your project. We’ll review your existing floor plan, recommend a new plan (if needed), discuss what type of furniture to purchase, talk about window treatments and finishes, help create a livable budget, come up with a design direction and vision, and answer your design and project questions. The Design Jumpstart is the launching point for you to gather expert advice and resources to continue on your own, or it sets the foundation for our work together.

Step 1b: Signing of Agreement and Payment of Design Fees

At the end of our Design Jumpstart session, a signed Professional Services Agreement and payment for initial design fees will officially kick off your project. Huzzah!

Step 2: On-Site Measurements and Photos

Lesley Myrick Art + Design will take detailed measurements of your home, as well as thorough reference photos. This is also the time that we’ll invite your contractors into your space to take their own photos and measurements and discuss the scope of the project.

Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick shares the (totally free!) Complete Beginner's Guide to Working with an Interior Designer. Get an insider look at what really goes into a design project.

Step 3: Design Planning + Concept Meeting

We’ll take all the information discussed in the Design Jumpstart and use it to design your floor plan; choose furnishings, fabrics, and finishes; select appliances and light fixtures; and create cost estimates for every necessary aspect of your design. This is the part of the process where a TON is done behind the scenes, and the client sees very little immediate results. We know it sucks to wait, but it takes time to do this right and make sure every last detail is covered.

Once we have a design direction and some initial selections made, we’ll schedule a meeting to present our Design Concept and get your feedback on where things are headed before buttoning up all the details.

Step 4: Design Proposal Presentation and Collection of Payment

After all the behind the scenes planning is done, we’ll present your design plan and proposal. Payment for all the goods you approve is due and we’ll get busy procuring your items!

Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick shares the (totally free!) Complete Beginner's Guide to Working with an Interior Designer. Get an insider look at what really goes into the 10 steps of a full-service design project.

Step 5: Procurement

We’ll place all of the orders for furniture, fabrics, appliances – you name it. We manage allllll the tedium of ordering, tracking, receiving, and inspecting your furniture and decor.

Step 6: Construction + Site Visits

It’s go time! This is when your contractors will get started with their work. We’ll pop in for site visits (usually weekly) and be available via phone and email to discuss the project with your contractors and answer their questions. This part of the design project can take a number of weeks – or months – depending on the scope of the project.

Step 7: Furniture Installation + Styling

Contractors are done doing their thing, and now the pretty stuff will arrive! Once everything has been delivered on-site, our team will arrange and style everything for the big reveal. Your home will go from construction zone to finished magazine-worthy space practically overnight.

Step 8: The Big Reveal + Walk-Through

TA-DA! At the end of the day you’ll walk in the door to see your home completely finished. (Cue angels singing.) All your patience will have paid off when you see the incredible transformation! Your home will feel totally amazing. And it’s all yours to enjoy. We’ll also do a detailed walk-through with you and create a punch-list of deficiencies that need to be addressed.

There are always going to be a few minor things to take care of – this is totally normal. Sometimes furniture arrives damaged, or an issue arises with work that’s been done. This is the time to fix those pesky problems and ensure you’re over the moon with your new home.

Check out this (totally free!) Complete Beginner's Guide to Working with an Interior Designer. Get an insider look at what really goes into the 10 steps of a full-service design project.

Step 9: Professional Photography

Your stunning space deserves a moment in the limelight! Right after the big reveal when your home is perfectly styled (usually the next day) we’ll bring in our rockstar photographer.

Step 10: Resolving Deficiencies + Project Wrap-Up

When all deficiencies and problems have been resolved, we’ll officially wrap. Clients will receive a project binder which includes fabric swatches, paint colors, and other useful information to have on hand. And of course, a little thank-you gift from us.

Do you have a question about working with a designer that wasn’t answered here?

This complete beginner’s guide to working with an interior designer is just scratching the surface. If you have a question or are you’re interested in starting a design project (no pressure to marry me, it’s just a first date!) you can book a complimentary consultation call right here.

What an interior designer does that you never know about! #truth from designer Lesley Myrick

Interior designers are a sneaky bunch. I mean, there are all sorts of things that an interior designer does that you never know about.


Don’t worry – I’m not talking about bad stuff. I’m actually talking about really good things! Specifically, handling a whole bunch of crap behind the scenes to make our client’s lives easier and to make major design magic happen. Check out what happened with one of my clients behind the scenes…

Can’t view the embedded video above? Click here. Prefer to read? Transcript is below.

Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here, interior stylist and owner of Lesley Myrick Art + Design where we create some pretty fantastic interiors with an offbeat edge.

And, part of how we do that is by taking care of all the crap behind the scenes so our clients don’t have to deal with it.

If you’ve ever tried to manage your own home decorating project,

you know there is a ton of minutiae that has to happen between making selections, picking the right finishes, fixtures accessories, and fabrics; purchasing things, ordering, tracking; dealing with things that come in damaged, or broken, or just come in completely wrong! And by the time you’re done a room, you almost can’t appreciate it because you’ve spent so much mental energy trying to get there.

This is why people hire interior designers.

I love that stuff! Or at least, I’m really good at that stuff and I can make amazing design magic for my clients.

So, I just want to tell you today a little bit about what it can look like behind the scenes of an interior design project.

Our job as designers is to make things smooth sailing for our clients.

I want them to be completely wowed by the design, the process, and just the fact that it looks so easy to make it all happen for them.

That’s the goal.

But there is a lot that happens behind the scenes.

For example, I had a project last year where we had this beautiful brass sideboard. I was obsessed with this piece of furniture! It was just stunning.

Now, this wasn’t a huge room. This wasn’t a “huge design project”. But this piece of furniture was the bane of my existence for about 6 months.

Basically, we specified it and it went on backorder before we even placed the order. That’s normal; things move quickly in the design world.

We waited for it, we finally got it sent to our receiver. It was damaged. We sent it back. They sent another one. It was damaged!

We were getting closer and closer to our big reveal, our big install date,

and we didn’t have the focal point of the room. And finally, with hours and hours of work on our back end, we had the vendor rush ship it to our receiver who unpacked it, inspected it, assembled it, made sure it was all phenomenal. It got on the truck in time, it got delivered, and my client got to have that “wow”, like HGTV reveal moment when she walked in to her space.

It was amazing! And she had no idea that that one piece of furniture took about 40 hours of our team’s time to deal with behind the scenes.

And that’s the point!

My clients don’t want to deal with that. It’s so much headache. We love to do the hard work behind the scenes so our clients can have those magic moments in their new spaces and completely lose their sh*t.