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What We're All About

Interior design is all about the mix, and our strength is curating and arranging things from a unique design perspective so the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Our interiors are a quirky but livable mix of vintage and modern, rustic and polished, color and neutrals, masculine and feminine. Let's bust out of boring and have some fun! Our mission is to empower you to embrace what you love and make confident design decisions, with Lesley as your interior design partner-in-crime. We're all about creating kickass spaces that are livable, delightful, and unexpected.


Rooms should be stylish and also super functional. There’s no point designing for some sort of ideal life. The reality of how you live should dictate your design choices, and your life will be better for it.


Your home should be a haven and a source of delight. Your decorating choices should make you squeal with giddiness. If you're not feeling heart-flutters of happiness at home, something's missing. 


Every room needs a little weird thrown in – an element of surprise. Have something that matters to you? Let’s totally use it. If you truly love something, it belongs in your home. Don't listen to the haters.

But enough about us...

What You're All About, Rockstar.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by interior design. Too many choices leads to feeling majorly overwhelmed. Not knowing "your style" means you're scared of making an expensive mistake. Either way, you play it safe and feel stuck in a home that's a total snooze-fest.


I know you’re down with a little edginess (you rebel, you!) but don't know where to start when it comes to decorating your home. You’re a busy professional with a creative streak who has a vague idea of what you want, but don’t have the time or energy to deal with the design process.

"It’s funny to me that people who will readily hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or hairstylist don’t automatically also sign on a design professional. If you start your day in a home that functions flawlessly and brings you joy, then there’s less need for the rest."

Sophie Donelson, Former Editor of House Beautiful Magazine


You've come to the right place, baby. Design is what we do best and we’re here to help you bust out of boring so you can have a home you love so freakin' much you practically want to make out with it. (That's not weird, right?) Book a complimentary Consultation Call to learn more and get this party started.

Meet Lesley Myrick

interior designer. canadian/american. head shaver.

Hey there - I'm Lesley Myrick, Allied ASID. I'm an adventurous, organized, and passionate interior designer in Atlanta, Georgia (and I work with clients all over the US and Canada, too).

I'm originally from Canada and have lived and worked in Toronto, Canada; Los Angeles, CA; Waco, TX; and now Atlanta, GA.

I work with smart, cool people (hey, that's you!) who understand the value of hiring a design pro but are bored with the status quo. They’re looking for something - and someone - different.

I help homeowners bust out of boring and help interior designers launch kickass businesses they love. 

What rocks my world? When my clients are so freakin' happy they practically want to make out with me. (That's not weird, right?) I'd love to help you bust out of boring too.


What Our Cool Clients Are Saying

“Lesley came in with a cool breeze of new ideas. I felt so inspired! Within a week, I had pulled the trigger on furniture and a wallpaper installation which revolutionized our space!” - G. PEEL, Waco TX


“I LOVE the final design and am so excited to see everything pull together. So, what I’m saying is, hire Lesley. She’s a joy to work with, she obviously loves what she does, and she’s fantastic at it.” - V. LEE, Pasadena CA


“I worked with Lesley to bring a spark back to our master bedroom. The experience was so awesome. Loved working with her. Her style is like if funky and classy had a love child.” - A. PAPA, Toronto ON

“Trying to redo my bedroom had lost all the fun…only stress. You listened, understood what I wanted and then made finishing the room actually FUN. Truly grateful that you shared your talents with us.” - J. ZAVODNY, Austin TX


“Lesley had a lot of positive energy.  She readily shared her ideas on the spot. I was a little bit apprehensive because I had never worked with a decorator before, but she immediately put me at ease" - L. GUYER, Waco TX


“Lesley was wonderful! She asked lots of good questions about the space and my likes/dislikes. She used my existing pieces nicely, and most importantly, I loved her ideas.” - K. ANDERSON, Boston MA


“I really liked that you would take my feedback and that you led to me to the best final design possible while still making me feel like my input and design ideas were valued.” - K. LAPOSI, Hamilton ON


“We've entertained in our fun hangout space already a few times. We use that room daily. I cannot recommend calling Lesley highly enough. I want other folks to feel as amazing as I do! I could not fathom that interior design could be so empowering and life-changing." - J. LOVE, Waco TX


“My husband gave me a Design Jumpstart as a birthday present. It was one of the best gifts ever! Lesley worked with me on how to make my home my own instead of something that is just trendy.” - S. GODFREY, Waco TX

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It's time to finally have a home you love, and we're honored to be leading you on this awesome adventure.  Let's bust out of boring and make your home livable, delightful, and unexpected (aka. so totally you). Book a consultation call with Lesley so we can learn more about what you're looking for and recommend the most kickass design package for you.