Currently Crushing On…Blue

Currently Crushing furniture and decor for summer 2024

In our latest “Currently Crushing On” series, we’re all about blue – that cool, calming color that makes you think of clear skies and quiet beach days. Here at Lesley Myrick Interior Design, we love playing with blue because it’s just so versatile. (You might have noticed that blue is a prominent color in nearly all of our design projects!) Whether it’s a deep navy that wraps you up like a warm hug or a bright turquoise that perks up your mood, blue has a magical way of transforming any room. It’s amazing how it can open up a space, bring in some light, and make surrounding warm-toned woods and metals really pop.

We’ve put together some awesome picks for you to check out, all celebrating the color blue. Imagine lounging on a plush azure velvet sofa or adding a splash of fun with a cerulean and gold decorative bowl. And for a little drama? An ombre blue beaded chandelier with the softest sky blue through deep indigo. These pieces aren’t just gorgeous on their own – they come together to create a laid-back and chic vibe.

Shop a few of my favorite blue furnishings and decor below (click here to access the full collection), and peep a few of our favorite blue rooms from past design projects, too.


Currently Crushing on…Blue

Some of our Favorite Blue Interiors

Stardew blue kitchen by Lesley Myrick Interior Design
Navy blue bedroom by Macon, GA interior designer Lesley Myrick
Blue and white kitchen high-end by interior designer Lesley Myrick
Blue wallpaper in guest bedroom
Dark Night navy dining room by Lesley Myrick Interior Design

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