Travel Inspiration: Morocco

Moroccan tile floor in white, teal, blue, gold and brown.

For the past two summers, my husband has led a group of his university students on a 3-week trip to Morocco; after living vicariously through his photos and stories (and mentally bookmarking all the locations I’d need to visit to source for my clients), I finally got to join him this year! Morocco is known and appreciated worldwide for its patterned tiles, ornate doorways, leather goods, and textiles, and there was no shortage of design inspiration.

My big design takeaway from my time in Morocco? Here in North America, we don’t pay nearly enough attention to doorways and ceilings. Flat white ceilings and cased openings are the design default, and there’s so much more opportunity there. (Perhaps that’s why I’m so into wallpapered ceilings?) Every surface is thoughtfully designed in Morocco, and more is more. Yet somehow, it doesn’t look cluttered or overwhelming – it just looks rad.

Enjoy a few photos. I hope you’re as into the design details as I am!


Moroccan doorway with studded double doors and brass hardware.
Moroccan graffiti mural
Moroccan leather shoes in a rainbow of colors - design inspiration from Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick
Double brass doors in Morocco - ornate and beautiful!
Moroccan brass door knocker with star detail.
Moroccan street art paintings - design inspiration!
Rainbow-colored cobblestone street in Morocco.
Design inspiration: Arched Moroccan doorway with inlaid details.
Moroccan street art in the style of Banksy.
Design inspiration: Moroccan tile floor in black and white pattern.
Tiled Moroccan fountain in a courtyard.
Design inspiration: Moroccan wall tile detail.
Studded blue doorway with arch in Morocco.
Design inspiration: Moroccan tile wall in classic tessellated pattern - blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

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