Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after? Get ready, because all month long I’m sharing a tour of our Texas home, including the living room, master bedroom, kids bedroom, my office, my husband’s office, and the kitchen. This week: the shared kids’ bedroom that my 5 year-old son and 2 year-old daughter loved.

Before and After: A Shared Kids Bedroom in Waco, Texas

Disclosure: Some of the products in this before-and-after were sponsored by brands I use and love for myself and for my clients, including Sherwin-Williams, Lamps Plus, and Metrie. Thanks for your support!

In a 1500 square foot home with two home offices,

we kinda sorta ran out of space for the kiddos. (Whoops!) So once 2- year old Hasley outgrew her nursery that was located in the master closet – yes, in a closet – she moved in with big brother Ford. And let me tell you, they LOVED sharing a room! Especially when it looked awesome.

But it wasn’t such a great space when we moved in. Here’s the kids’ bedroom, before.

Check out the stunning "after" of this shared kids bedroom design!
Here's the "before"...check out the stunning "after" of this shared kids bedroom design.

That wallpaper border, right? We tore that sucker down pretty quickly.

Just like in our master bedroom, the kids’ room was majorly lacking in architectural detail. We added crown molding and panel molding, and also replaced the baseboards with interior finishings from Metrie.

A colorful kids bedroom by interior designer Lesley Myrick, shared by a boy and girl

The wall color?

I know you’re shocked, but yes, it is a neutral! Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray is an easy-to-live-with neutral hue that isn’t beige. Bright colors work best in kids rooms when they’re in small, removable doses. Kids’ color preferences and tastes change so quickly, and it’s much easier to replace some accent pillows and a rug than it is to repaint a room.

Lighting is so important for creating a comfy, cozy kids space, so we included a vintage red lantern table lamp, as well as a vintage-inspired aged brass 3-light floor lamp from Lamps Plus.

Love this bedroom design shared by a boy and a girl

The gallery wall above Ford’s bed included artwork he created at daycare, school photos, and vintage prints. I prefer artwork to be hung lower, but when you’ve got a 5 year-old in the bed below you’ve gotta keep stuff out of reach!

The rug is iconically IKEA (but I bet you figured that out, as this rug has been seen everywhere in the last few years) and the burnt orange curtains are from Half Price Drapes.

You’ll notice that this shared kids bedroom is a lot more budget-friendly than some other spaces we’ve designed, because we knew we weren’t staying in this home forever, and because little kids ruin stuff. Ha.

Cute reading nook in a colorful shared kids bedroom by interior designer Lesley Myrick

This bookshelf is one of my favorite pieces that we’ve moved from California to Texas and now to Georgia. It used to be a store display for Madewell, and thanks to a friend who worked there, we rescued it from the trash. I can’t wait to see my daughter turn it into a dollhouse when she’s a bit older.

A built-in bookshelf with wallpaper by interior designer Lesley Myrick

This little built-in shelf tucked behind the door is one of my favorite features of this bedroom. A fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams Extra White paint (my favorite pure, clean white) and a little removable wallpaper jazzed it up nicely.

Now that we’ve moved into a larger home, Ford and Hasley each have their own bedrooms again. (Here’s Ford’s new room if you’d like to see.) I definitely miss this cute shared space, but I’ll be honest – we’re all sleeping better now that the kiddos aren’t within arms reach of each other all night!

Love this colorful boy's bedroom with bunk beds! Wall color is Sherwin-Williams Chatroom.

How fun is this colorful boy’s bedroom with bunk beds?

I designed this space for my 5-year-old son Ford, with the intention that his little sister can crash in here too when we have houseguests.

This is what the bedroom looked like before we moved in, from the home’s online listing photos:

Before and After: A Colorful Boy's Bedroom with Bunk Beds

You know I’m down with an accent wall, but I don’t love this blue. Neither did Ford.

Ford has a LOT of opinions about his bedroom decor – I guess that’s what happens when you’re the child of an interior designer! He wanted bright orange walls (!) but knowing that we wanted this to be a room for him to grow into and not have to repaint in a year, I stuck with one of my favorite gray-green neutrals, Sherwin-Williams Chatroom. Instead of orange walls, we chose to use bright pops of orange on the bedding and window treatments.

Of course, the after photos:

Love this colorful boy's bedroom with bunk beds! Great decorating ideas for kids.

The bunk bed is new, as is the adorable metallic gold star bedding, but the other furnishings and decor were “recycled” from other spaces in our Texas home. The chevron loveseat was custom upholstered for our master bedroom; the curtains were in Ford’s previous bedroom; and the black and white area rug has been in pretty much every room in our home over the years. (Thank you, IKEA!)

Love this fun teal chevron sofa in a kids bedroom.

I love that Ford has added his own touches to the room,

including a Paw Patrol poster on the gallery wall. (I have to say, he did a pretty good job of placing it without my help.) While I like to get the foundation of the room in place, I love that he takes ownership and wants to help create a bedroom that’s unique to him.

Love this fun teal chevron sofa  and fur pillow in a kids bedroom.

I wanted him to have a bedroom that was colorful, comfortable, restful, and fun. We’ve used a lot of bold color – burnt orange, moss green, and teal – but it’s balanced with black, white, and neutral textures like rattan and galvanized metal.

Love this colorful boy's bedroom with bunk beds and pops of orange, green, and teal.

In case you’re curious about storage,

Ford does have a dresser that fits inside the closet. We wanted to leave as much floor space open as possible since it’s a pretty modest-sized room, so we’ve maximized the closet storage space.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking the before and after of this colorful boy’s bedroom (with bunk beds!) and a couple of other rooms in our Atlanta home too. In case you missed it, here’s the dining room and my office.

I’m not usually into pastels, but I’m bonkers in love with this blush and grey girls’ bedroom moodboard. (I mean, seriously, that tufted velvet sofa is amazeballs!)

This moodboard was part of a Design Kit for a fave client’s tween daughter and stepdaughter. You might have noticed on the Pinterest board below that the selections are from online retailers you’re probably already familiar with. With a DIY Design Kit we stick with retail vendors to make it easy for our clients to shop the selections on their own; and for our Design Comprehensive clients we source a lot more trade-only and custom pieces since we handle all the ordering.

I love being able to equip my cool clients with everything they need to create a kickass room – a design plan, moodboard, shopping links, floor plans, elevation drawings, and swatches. It takes the fear and guesswork out of design. You already know it’s gonna look stellar before you buy a single pillow!

PS. You might also want to check out this gorgeous teal office, cool kids playroom, romantic master bedroom, and French meets Mid-Century living room.

This cool kids playroom puts my first apartment to shame! Loving this moodboard from interior designer Lesley Myrick.

My first apartment boasted a hand-me-down beige plaid sofa from my grandparents, a structurally unstable bed purchased from IKEA, and was shared with my suuuuper messy ex-boyfriend. As an interior designer and neat-freak, let’s just say these were not my ideal living conditions.

I never thought I’d be jealous of two boys under the age of 10, but let me tell you, their mom hired me create a Design Kit for the coolest kids playroom that puts my first apartment to shame. This spare bedroom was a majorly under-utilized space that needed to become a playroom, video game hangout, homework space, and guest room all in one.

This cool kids playroom puts my first apartment to shame! Rad floor plan by interior designer Lesley Myrick.

An awesome orange sleeper sectional is the bold and badass centerpiece of the room, and it’s where the boys and their friends will get comfy to play video games (and wrestle and build forts and stuff). We swapped the totally impractical double closet doors for a pair of curtain panels mounted on a tension rod which freed up the floor space to add a hip industrial desk big enough for both kids to share. And if they can’t share, there’s a laptop table for some extra work space.

This cool kids playroom puts my first apartment to shame! Loving this Pinterest board from interior designer Lesley Myrick.

The boys are also getting a major bedroom and bathroom makeover too, in their favorite team’s colors of orange and grey. I’m not a fan of literal theme rooms (no sports logos here!) but taking inspiration from the colors and styles of a favorite sports team, book, or movie is an awesome starting point when designing a space for kids.

A colorful and eclectic boys bedroom in Waco, Texas by Lesley Myrick Art + Design

You know what’s the funnest? Designing bedrooms for kids. Saturated color? Sure. Offbeat pattern mixing? Why not! Quirky lighting and decor? Bring it on. 

I designed this bedroom space for an 8 year-old boy in Waco with the intention of having it transition him into his teenage years. The existing sturdy wood bed, nightstand, and dresser provided a solid neutral starting point to introduce some industrial and masculine elements. There’s a playful vibe, but nothing is too juvenile. And the features that are a little more youthful can easily be switched out as he grows – for example, the funky triangle wall decals behind the dresser can be peeled off and removed if they’re no longer rocking his world in a few years.

While full-service interior design is totally my jam, I love helping homeowners with smaller spaces that need a quick refresh. Sometimes a fresh pair of (well-trained designer) eyes and the right resources are all you need to transform a dull room into something dynamite. If you’ve got a room that needs a mini-makeover, let’s chat.