Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after? Get ready, because all month long I’m sharing a tour of our Texas home, including the living room, master bedroom, kids bedroom, my office, my husband’s office, and the kitchen. Today: our two home offices.

Before and After: A Husband And Wife's Home Offices in Waco, Texas

Disclosure: Some of the products in this before-and-after were sponsored by brands I use and love for myself and for my clients, including Sherwin-Williams and Metrie. Thanks for your support!

Yes – we needed two home offices. (This is why our kids had to share a bedroom – ha!) For the first few years in Texas, Nate and I shared one large office space, which you might remember looking like this.

But as the need for a quiet workspace increased for my husband as he worked on his PhD, my business was growing – and getting much louder with video calls, contractor meetings, and part-time staff schedules. It became pretty apparent that our open-concept office wasn’t working for him, so he moved his workspace into the extra bedroom.

Here’s Nate’s office, before:

This boring white bedroom was transformed into a stunning home office by interior designer Lesley Myrick
This boring white bedroom was transformed into a stunning home office by interior designer Lesley Myrick

Yup, it’s another white box. Thankfully it has decent-sized windows and two large closets with mirrored doors, but that’s about all that’s going for it.

And Nate’s office, after:

As you can probably guess, we replaced the old carpet with vinyl plank flooring, added Metrie crown molding (my favorite!) and painted the walls a deeper color.

Whoa! Check out the before and after of this home office / guest bedroom space.

Oh, and did I mention that Nate’s office also had to function as a guest room? We installed this awesome Bestar wall bed with shelves so that we’d have a queen-size bed at the ready when family and friends came to stay. I love that it just looks like a built-in cabinet when not in use.

Whoa! Check out the before and after of this home office space.

We loved this wall color so much (it’s Sherwin-Williams Chatroom, by the way) that we’ve painted the living room in our new house the same color. It’s a lovely, livable green-grey that looks great with wood tones.

Before and After: A Husband And Wife's Home Offices in Waco, Texas

The most important part of this space for Nate was the door. He desperately needed a quiet workspace to think and write, and I love the classic single panel design of this solid wood door from Metrie. And of course, I had to include that beautiful brass door hardware throughout the house.

And now, my office before:

Before and After: A Husband And Wife's Home Offices in Waco, Texas
Before and After: an interior designer's office in Texas

Not a bad starting point, right? It’s a good-sized space with white paneled walls and medium-toned vinyl plank floors. We freshened up the walls with Sherwin-Williams Extra White, and beefed up the wimpy crown and baseboard with more substantial moldings from Metrie.

Once Nate moved out, I had a lot more space to play with – and even added a piano to my office.

Lesley’s office, after:

Before and After: an interior designer's office in Texas

My desk used to be in this built-in nook, but when I realized the piano happened to be the exact same width as the desk, I seized the opportunity to change things up! I tucked the piano into the wall of built-ins and moved the desk to the opposite wall.

(I should clarify – when I say, “I tucked the piano into the wall of buil-ins” I really mean, “My husband shoved that piano into place using Herculean strength because it barely fit.” I totally owe him one.)

Love this before and after transformation of a dining room into a functional and chic home office!

You might remember from a few years ago I shared the tutorial for the DIY built-in bookshelves, using IKEA bookcases and Metrie interior finishings. I was so sad to leave this behind when we moved to Georgia.

Awesome built-in bookshelves in an interior designer's home office

This vintage yellow cabinet on the opposite wall was gifted to me by a family friend, and I’m obsessed. It brings such a warm, quirky vibe to an office space that’s mainly white with clean lines. Plus, it looked awesome next to my custom bulletin board upholstered in a Genevieve Gorder fabric.

I definitely kept the yellow cabinet for use in my new Atlanta office.

Pretty vintage Chinoiserie cabinet in an interior designers's home office
Pretty vintage Chinoiserie cabinet in an interior designers's home office

Even though Nate moved out of my office, the kids moved in. We made room for a “family computer” against the kitchen wall so that my son could have space to play computer games and work on his Pre-K homework. It also doubled as a workspace for my part-time design team. (So I guess we kinda ended up with three home offices?)

A kids' computer workspace

Thanks for following along with my Texas home makeover. The kitchen was one of the biggest transformations, and I can’t wait to share that with you next week.

Before and After: A Husband And Wife's Home Offices in Waco, Texas


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A warm and modern home office (with dark teal walls!) by interior designer Lesley Myrick

It’s a good thing I really love my home office. Because if I weren’t so crazy about it, I would totally be stealing every single design element in this warm and modern home office with dark teal walls. Yes. You heard me. DARK. TEAL. WALLS.

Ugggh. This space is going to look so good when it all comes together!

This home office design is a Design Kit

created for a cool client here in Waco. She currently works from home with beige walls, beige carpet, and a queen-size bed jammed into her modest office space. Not exactly great for space planning or productivity, right?

A warm and modern home office (with teal walls and a Murphy bed!) by interior designer Lesley Myrick

The first order of business

was to remove the bulky queen bed and install a space-saving wall bed instead. This way, the room can be converted into a guest space on rare occasions, but has so much more room to function primarily as an office.

To jazz up the bookshelves with a metallic pop

I selected my favorite metallic wallpaper for the back of the shelves. I love the way a fun pattern makes a basic bookshelf feel complete and well-styled with minimal effort.

Design selections for a warm and modern home office with teal walls

It’s not shown in the moodboard above,

but we selected a lot of cool art for the space, ranging from limited-edition framed art prints to a hilarious illustration of various breeds of dogs wearing glasses. Because if you can’t make work fun, it’s going to totally suck to be in that office every day. This room doesn’t have a large footprint but does have 12′ ceilings, so creating a colorful gallery wall above the desk will create a cool focal point and also use the height of the room to our advantage.

I love seeing these DIY Design Kits come to life.

We design, our clients make the magic happen! If you’re interested in your own custom DIY Design Kit you can find out more here.

5 tips to totally upgrade your office TODAY from interior designer Lesley Myrick

I’ve been there, guys – cubicle hell. Working in an office that was bland, uninspiring, and uncomfortable. If you’ve got the office blues, I’ve got 5 tips to totally upgrade your office today. You ready?

Can’t view the embedded video above? Click here. Prefer to read? Transcript is below.

Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here – interior stylist and owner of Lesley Myrick Art + Design where we create some pretty kickass interiors with an offbeat edge.

So, ’tis the season. It’s ‘back to school’ time, it might be ‘back to work’ time, so I wanna share with you today 5 tips to totally upgrade your office.

The first thing you should upgrade in your office

is, without a doubt, your chair. It’s where your butt lands all day, every day, and if your butt’s not happy, your back’s not happy, and your legs aren’t happy, having a beautiful, comfortable office chair is absolutely the first place to start.

If you are comfortable and not aching, you’re gonna do better work and be happier in your workspace.

The second thing to upgrade in your office is your desk lamp.

In my own office, as you can see behind me, I haven’t done a “desk lamp”. I just have a beautiful table lamp that I love. It’s got a bulb that has the right brightness for me; it casts the right kind of light; and I just love it!

Your desk lamp is an awesome place where you can express some of your personality and style – and, it’s got major function. It’s a complete win-win.

The third way to upgrade your office is with accessories.

Now, your stapler, your hole punch – those are not accessories.

I’m talking a beautiful pen cup, a notebook you love, maybe a gorgeous desktop calendar. Stuff that has style and personality and beauty to it. Feel free to throw in some things that are kind of unexpected in an office. Maybe a vase or a decorative sculpture. Those things that bring beauty and meaning and value to your home can also be translated in your office!

And along those same lines, tip #4 is to introduce plants.

Whether it is a plant in a pot that you somehow nurture and keep alive in a windowless cubicle (which I could never do) or cut flowers that you change out every week, having something living and green and lush in your office is really going to help your mood and your well-being day in and day out.

And finally, the last thing to upgrade in your office is what’s on your walls.

For me, it was adding this awesome inspiration board. I love seeing my goals, my values, some color, some pattern, some texture – all those things matter to me. Don’t neglect the wall space in your office.

You’re in that chair, you’re staring at those walls day in and day out. Make them beautiful, make them functional, make them serve you, and make your office a place you actually want to be.

To have a workspace that feels good, that serves you, that works well for you –

that is amazing and it does so much for your well-being and for your productivity.

If you have a topic you’d like me to cover in a future video, leave it in a comment. I’m here to answer your design questions, your design dilemmas, and help you feel empowered to have a home you love.

Project tour from interior designer Lesley Myrick - a chic and badass realtor's office in Waco, TX

Some weeks, you spend more waking hours in your office than at home. Shouldn’t your office totally rock and be a space that supports and inspires your awesome work? I love designing offices because I’m a nerd who is obsessed with office supplies, plus I believe that a “corporate” space doesn’t have to suck.

Let’s go behind the scenes of one of Lesley Myrick Art + Design’s commercial interior design projects and take a tour of this chic and badass Realtor’s office in Waco, Texas. I’ve shared the progress and the after photos previously but dive a little deeper in today’s video:

Can’t view the embedded video above? Click here. Prefer to read? Transcript is below.

Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here.

I’m an interior stylist and owner of Lesley Myrick Art + Design where we create interiors with an offbeat edge.

So at Lesley Myrick Art + Design we mainly do residential design projects.

I love doing people’s houses. It’s been my goal since I was five years old to “make people’s houses pretty.”

But every once in a while…

a commercial project comes our way and they’re usually so much fun there’s no way I can say no.

We recently wrapped a project with a Realtor’s office here in Waco, Texas, and I want to walk you through the whole design from start to finish.

So you can see the space was a pretty big corporate snooze-fest. Bad ceilings, ugly carpet – the saving grace was the phenomenal walls of windows that this office had.

This Realtor loves turquoise and white,

and feminine, and brass, and just this fresh, pretty vibe and it was so much fun to get to translate her wishes into this space.

So, here’s a look at the Pinterest board where we started pulling together our ideas and selections. And here’s the moodboard to give you an idea of how all those pieces were going to work together in the space.

Doing these moodboards is one of my favorite things for clients because it really starts to give them a sense of proportion. How colors are going to fit together; the scale of furniture pieces; how all these sort of random items are actually going to flow in a room.

And what I love the most is..

seeing the moodboard and then – aaah! The final space.

Even though this is what I do, it is still so cool to me to see when my vision comes to life and looks how I planned it.

I think this office is so chic, and if I were a client of hers I would be so impressed working in this Realtor’s office. It’s fresh, it’s pretty, it’s professional, it’s sleek, it shows she has style and pizzazz – and that’s exactly what we were going for.

Plus – there’s a bar. You can’t argue with having a bar in an office.

This is just one of many design projects that we’ve been working on.

I love what I do and I’d love to do it for you too.

If you’ve been needing an expert eye to guide you through a design project or if you’re just feeling stuck, I would love to talk to you.

You can book your complimentary Design Discovery Call where we’ll get to know each other and start the process of making something awesome together. ✌

A chic and badass realtor's office moodboard | Interior Design by Lesley Myrick in Waco TX

OMG. You guys are gonna die when you see this chic and badass realtor’s office totally finished. With two walls made up almost entirely of windows and a panoramic view, it’s the perfect spot for one of Waco’s top real estate agents to woo her clients and get sh*t done.

This is what the space looks like now. Prepare to be underwhelmed:

A chic and badass realtor's office - before | Interior design by Lesley Myrick

Total snoozefest. But, the space has majorly good bones. And those windows! With new hardwood floors and white baseboards, a re-vamped ceiling, fresh paint, and a total furniture and decor makeover, this office space is going to be dynamite.

My client’s color palette for her brand is turquoise and white. I began with that as our jumping-off point – then layered in brass, deep teal hues, and a little industrial touch to keep things from being too feminine. And of course, every badass office needs those edgy-yet-classy accents like a starburst mirror, studded sheepskin bench, and sexy glass decanter bottle.

I often use Pinterest as a collaboration tool, and this project is no exception. Check out the board here, and follow Lesley Myrick Art + Design on Pinterest to see more design projects in the works.