Colorful Southern Family Home in Macon, GA

This colorful family home in Macon, Georgia was a particularly beloved project, as it's Lesley's own home! While Lesley and her husband hail from the north (she from Canada, he from Minnesota), their Macon residence is decidedly Southern - but with Lesley's signature personality-driven twist.

The kitchen was completely remodeled, removing dated 1980s cabinets and dull granite in favor of full-height cabinetry in fresh white and rich blue hues. The original hardwood floor with its worn charm beautifully contrasts the crisp and fresh color palette, and a bold pop-art print in an acrylic shadow frame brings a contemporary touch.

The living room and dining room are layered with rich (and durable!) family-friendly textures, including velvet, leather, hammered metal, and inlaid wood. Artwork plays a key role, and pieces from Macon contemporary artist Joe Adams are juxtaposed with vintage family photos and Lesley's kids' artwork.

You can view the full before-and-after tour of the kitchen here, and the living and dining rooms here [coming soon!].

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Kitchen + Breakfast Room

Living + Dining Room