How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

How to pick the perfect paint color - tips from interior stylist @lesleymyrickChoosing a paint color can be tooootally overwhelming. I mean, there are 4,563,109 choices out there (I checked) and the right one will look SO GOOD and the wrong ones will look SOOOO WRONG. But why, you ask? How can a super subtle difference between paint colors make such a huge impact on a room? What if I pick a color that looks awesome on a swatch but terrible on my walls?

It happens, folks. And it usually happens because what you’re attracted to on a small paint swatch isn’t what makes for a good wall color. Surprise!

There are a lot of useful (and obvious) tips out there for choosing paint colors, but I think #3 in this video is gonna be a game changer.

Here’s how to pick the perfect paint color:

(Can’t see the embedded video? Click here.)

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