Winter 2016 Home Decor Picks


It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in Texas. It’s actually cold enough to layer up and wear jackets and scarves without worrying about sweating (cue happy dance).

This winter I’m all about deep blues, gold, and creams. Not going to lie, I already own two of the picks above (the RENS sheepskin and Edison bulb lamp) so you can tell that I’m not lying when I say that I’m head over heels for these items.

Here are my favorite winter 2016 home decor picks:

Goldfinger Lounge Chair | RENS Sheepskin | LIbby Edison Bulb Lamp | Wood and Metal Antler Bottle Opener | Chasing Paper Red/Blue | Alsara Pillow | Statements by J Nesting Tables | Harper Velvet Side Chair

Want to see more of my favorite pieces – stuff I would actually buy for myself and for my clients? Browse the interior styling archives for oodles of design goodness.

FYI: Lesley Myrick Art + Design will be taking next week off for the holidays, so have a rad Christmas and awesome New Year. Cheers to 2017!

5 Things to Get Rid of to Refresh Your Living Room

5 things to get rid of to refresh your living room - tips from Interior Stylist Lesley Myrick
Sometimes, when a room just isn’t looking its best, it’s not about what needs to be added, but what needs to be taken away. You know I’m a huge fan of decluttering, and (spoiler alert) and that’s always the first place to start – but there are a few other things that might be dating your living room. I’ve got a list of 5 things to get rid of to refresh your living room, some of which you might not expect (especially #3):

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Get rid of these 5 things and your living room will be well on its way to a total refresh. Who knows – letting go of what’s not working might be the jumpstart you need to make a major design change.

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Keep it Simple: Useful and Beautiful Are All You Need

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Keep it Simple: Useful and Beautiful Are All You Need”. Read the full article over at, and check out the full article archive here.

Waco Texas Interior Designer Lesley Myrick - Colorful and Eclectic Living Room with Teal Sofa

Physical clutter stresses me out. Piles of papers bring major anxiety. And don’t even get me started on the current trend of open shelving in the kitchen. I think having to stare at crooked stacks of bowls and plates daily would make me hyperventilate. There is nothing more satisfying to me than closing our cupboards to view a streamlined, uniform space. Am I Type A? Absolutely. A control freak? You bet. I know my limits, and open kitchen shelving is far outside my happy zone.

Famed English textile designer William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I do my best to live by these words. The minimalist movement is a popular one right now, and for good reason. Both in fashion and interiors, people are craving fewer, better things.


Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is one thing that frequently gets neglected when finishing a room. Whether it’s adding hardware to your existing kitchen cabinets or switching out the knobs on your grandmother’s heirloom dresser, changing the hardware in your home is an easy way to make an impact.

From the Anthropologie Ocean Crater knob I recently sourced for my home office to the Schoolhouse Electric Fairview Crystal knob I’ve specified for clients, here are my 10 picks for the best cabinet hardware out there (in my humble opinion).

10 best cabinet hardware selections from interior stylist Lesley Myrick
  1. 1. World Market Painted Ceramic Knob | 2. World Market Gold Resin Knob | 3. Anthropologie Ocean Crater Knob | 4. Restoration Hardware Grafton Clear Glass Pull | 5. Urban Outfitters Druzy Stone Knob | 6. Anthropologie Wrapped Agate Knob | 7. Schoolhouse Electric Fairview Crystal Knob | 8. Wayfair Stratum Bar Knob | 9. Superfront Wire | 10. Wayfair Pollino Bar Knob

“Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best” are roundups of my favorite home products in a range of prices. Check out the complete “10 Best” archives here, and find more furniture, home decor, and lighting I love on Pinterest.


What Does It Look Like to Work with a Virtual Interior Designer?

How to work with a virtual interior designer: tips and guidance from Lesley MyrickIt’s one of those mysterious phrases: “Virtual interior design”. What does that even mean? What does it look like to work with a virtual interior designer? I answered a few frequently asked questions from clients in this blog post, and I’m diving a little deeper in this week’s video:

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I’m a big fan of this new trend in design because it allows me to share my expertise and create kickass spaces for clients not only where I’m located in central Texas, but all over the world. Like, literally all over the world. Choosing a designer to work with is a super personal decision, and location is no longer a factor. Huzzah! If you think we’re a good fit and you’ve been itching for some design guidance – no matter where you live – let’s talk. (And if you’ve been thinking about booking a 2-hour design consultation, get in on my email list where I’m offering a special subscriber rate for the rest of November.)

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Design Obsession: Dark Walls

Lesley Myrick's Design Obsession: Dark WallsWhite walls are great, and certainly have their place (including in my home office). But dark walls? Dark walls really get my design mojo going. Black is a little too intense for me; I gravitate towards deep shades of royal blue, peacock, and hunter green.

Design Obsession: dark walls (via Lesley Myrick) Lesley Myrick's Design Obsession: Dark Walls (via Cup of Jo) Lesley Myrick's Design Obsession: Dark Walls with Modern Abstract Art

I love deep blue-green walls paired with fuchsia and violet. The contrast is so playful and energetic.

Lesley Myrick's Design Obsession: Dark Walls with Fuchsia Rugs Lesley Myrick's Design Obsession: Dark Walls with Bright Yellow

And then add yellow into the mix? COME ON IT’S TOO GOOD.

Design Obsession: Dark Walls (via Hey Sugarplum) Design Obsession: Dark Navy Walls Design Obsession: Dark Walls with Hot Pink

Ugh. These are too good! I can’t even. ALL MY CLIENTS WILL BE GETTING DARK WALLS FROM NOW ON. If you need me, I’ll just be lusting over these photos walls today…

Here are all the people you can thank for these stellar inspirational images: West Elm, Ashe + Leandro, Cup of Jo, DoctorKish, Emily Henderson, Fastighetsbyran, Hi Sugarplum, Elle Decoration, and Design*Sponge.

Accent Walls, I Love You

Accent walls - totally awesome or totally over? Interior stylist Lesley Myrick weighs in.

I’ve written about accent walls before (right here) and while others are kinda over them, I’m still in love. You heard me: ACCENT WALLS, I LOVE YOU. I’m not one to jump on a trend just because it’s a trend, and I’m not one to move on from something I love just because it’s losing popularity. Accent walls can be totally awesome if a few essential design guidelines are followed.

Here’s how to do an accent wall the right way:

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So what’s your take on accent walls? Have you created one that was a total success – or a total bust? Hop on over to Facebook and share your accent wall story.

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A French-Meets-Mid-Century Living Room (Why Not?)

A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Moodboard + design by Lesley Myrick
Mixing design styles is totally my jam. So when my cool new clients came to me with a style challenge, I readily accepted. The great room in their 1960s bungalow had a seriously Mid-Century vibe, but their aesthetic preferences leaned more towards French country. My task? Design a French-Meets-MidCentury Living Room, where feminine French elements live happily ever after with the masculine Mid-Century architecture of their Waco home.
A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Floor plan + design by Lesley Myrick

The great room is nice and spacious – as you can see the in floor plan above, a floating 12×15 area rug still leaves plenty of breathing room. I chose a sleek waxed grey leather sectional with clean design lines as the foundation piece, and brought in a little elegance with a pair of weathered grey bergère chairs upholstered in classic French linen to sit opposite the sectional. Of course, a Lesley Myrick designed room would not be complete without something teal (duh) so the sexy overdyed area rug is a gorgeous anchor in the seating area.

A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Pinterest board + design by Lesley Myrick

I’m dying over that faceted brass accent stool – I love the contemporary contrast it brings. Every room needs a mix of masculine and feminine, rustic and polished, smooth and textured, modern and vintage – it’s the juxtaposition that makes things interesting.

Can’t wait to photograph this French-Meets-Mid-Century living room when all the elements are in place. In the meantime, follow along with what I’m pinning for clients on Pinterest.

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How to Mix Offbeat Decor into Your Home

How to mix offbeat decor into your home - design tips from Interior Stylist Lesley Myrick

Found something weird and wonderful that you totally love, but have NO IDEA how to incorporate it into your interior if it doesn’t match your style? Here’s how to mix offbeat decor into your home like a pro:

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(Can’t view the embedded video above? Click here.)

Having something in a room that doesn’t match isn’t a bad thing – in fact, this contrast is what creates interest and excitement in a space! Making it work is all about the proportion of design elements. Whether you consider the 80/20 rule in the video or take it a step further with my favorite 60/30/10 guideline, getting the balance right between the main vibe of your room and the offbeat accents is key.

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An Eclectic Bathroom Design (With Totally Awesome Tiles)

A fresh and eclectic bathroom design moodboard by Interior Stylist Lesley Myrick
Seriously. Can we talk about those hand-painted Moroccan terra cotta tiles for the vanity backsplash wall? I’m in love.

This eclectic bathroom design (with totally awesome tiles) was recently completed for a cool client here in Waco, Texas. Her burning desires were for a freestanding pedestal tub and lots of brass, which we delivered. I’m digging the mix of deep teal with antique brass accessories and dark Venetian Bronze fixtures for a graphic pop. And of course, a classic white cast iron tub is the showcase of any master bathroom space.

Renovation starts soon and I can’t wait to see this beauty come to life! Expect to see sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes clips on my Instagram stories.

PS. I’ve got a new interview out this week on the fantastic The Stay Inspired Podcast where I’m sharing about simple design choices that bring joy to your home. Take a listen here for a dose of design inspiration (and maybe a little motivational kick in the pants too). 

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